Polecane nieruchomości

with baseMin as ( SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY NEWID() desc) AS row, offer.Id as OffId, buildType.Value as BuildingType, district.Name as District, city.Name as City, commune.Name as Commune, section.Name as Section, street.Name as Street FROM POS_Offer offer INNER JOIN IMO_Property prop ON prop.OfferId = offer.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Location district ON prop.DistrictId = district.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Location city ON prop.CityId = city.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Location commune ON prop.CommuneId = commune.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Location section ON prop.SectionId = section.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Street street ON prop.StreetId = street.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_DictValue buildType ON prop.BuildingTypeId = buildType.Id JOIN (SELECT OfferId FROM IMO_SpecialOffer WHERE CategoryId = 2 and IsInvestment=0) sp on offer.Id = sp.OfferId WHERE offer.Deleted=0 AND offer.LanguageId=0 ) ,base as ( select * from baseMin WHERE 1=1 AND row >= 1 and row < 4 ) ,photosMin as ( select p.OfferId, p.[Order] from POS_Photo p ) ,photosFirst as ( select p.OfferId, p.[FileName] from POS_Photo p inner join (SELECT OfferId, MIN([Order]) AS Ord FROM photosMin GROUP BY OfferId) AS pMin ON p.OfferId=pMin.OfferId AND p.[Order]=pMin.Ord ) SELECT tbl.*, offer.*, prop.*, country.Name as Country, province.Name as Province, region.Name as Region, material.Value as BuildMaterial, standard.Value as Standard,pht.FileName AS MainPhoto, COALESCE(District, City) AS DistrictCity,COALESCE(Commune, Section) AS CommuneSection,dsc.Description AS Description FROM base AS tbl INNER JOIN POS_Offer offer ON tbl.OffId=offer.Id INNER JOIN IMO_Property prop ON tbl.OffId=prop.OfferId LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Location country ON prop.CountryId = country.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Location province ON prop.ProvinceId = province.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Location region ON prop.RegionId = region.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_DictValue material ON prop.BuildMaterialId = material.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_DictValue standard ON prop.StandardId = standard.Id LEFT OUTER JOIN POS_Description dsc ON tbl.OffId=dsc.OfferId LEFT OUTER JOIN photosFirst pht ON tbl.OffId=pht.OfferId ORDER BY row

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